Air Ambulance Services in Dubai (UAE)

Human Care Worldwide provide 24×7, Air Ambulance services in Dubai and From Dubai to Anywhere Globally. We Have skillful group of experienced doctors and paramedics for emergency transfer of patients by commercial airline, chartered planes or helicopters around the world. Our Air Ambulance services in Dubai open up from medical escorts to commercial airline stretcher service to evacuation of crucially ill patients on ventilators by chartered flights to any desired destination in India and overseas. Our doctors are readily available 24×7 on our medical hotline to respond to your request and suggest the best suited and economical solution for your transfer. We are providing Reliable Air Ambulance Services in Dubai and Medical Assistance for safe transfer of your loved once under expert and trained medical team of doctors and paramedics. We have latest state of the art equipment and technology. Doctors and Paramedics are BLS, ACLS, ITLS, BTLS certified and are from department of Emergency medicine, and Intensive care and Pulmonology Critical care, in case of special need we have back up of Anesthetist, Pediatrician and Cardiologist. Our medical team is specially trained for air evacuation. Every member is well aware of physiological changes during the air journey and trained to deal with the unexpected complications during the journey.


Domestic Air Ambulance Services

Our domestic air ambulance services help you reach your destination in no time. With many air ambulance flights and helicopters equipped with latest medical instruments and a team of qualified doctors, we provide you the best serviced. You can reach any of the medical cities of the country in no time.

International Air Ambulance Services

We are also there to help you when you have to reach a place outside your country. Our core focus is saving lives, and for that, we can go to any extent. With our international air ambulance services, you get easy access to medical facilities across the world.

Commercial Medical Escort

Our commercial medical escorts guide you through the medical journey and make the best efforts to stabilize your condition. Our international and domestic medical escort service not only make the journey less stressful but also make it safe. With appropriate medical arrangements, they handle emergencies on the way like a savior.

ACLS Road Transfer

Road transfer has always been the most widely used way of patient transportation when the distance is less. With advanced cardiac life support, we ensure the safest road transfers in most of the cities. Our medical professionals have all the desired skills to handle the system and the patients.

Air Craft and Equipment

We have the best air ambulances equipped with the best medical tools. To ensure the safety of a patient on the way, our air ambulances have advanced technology-based life-saving systems to provide the best care. We guarantee our clients high clinical standards in our aircraft for better services.

24/7 Emergency Air Ambulance

Air ambulances are chosen to save time so that a life could be saved. We are available 24/7 at the distance of just one call. You can contact us at any time for emergency services, and we will be there to help you without wasting a single minute.

We Provide You With All Your Medical Needs!

Our Presence

Domestic Presence

Air ambulance services in 24 hours a day and 7 days a week are available in India from Human Care Worldwide. Our Air ambulance services in India has got 18 Air ambulance flight, 5 air ambulance helicopters and 1 sea plane air ambulance.

International Presence

Human Care Worldwide’s Air Ambulance Services has true air ambulance worldwide capabilities. Our Long -range air ambulances can fly to any destination in the world. International Air Ambulance Services is the core of our business.

Our Fleets

Domestic Fleets

With trained professionals and equipped vehicles, our domestic fleet is all that you need in emergencies. We support you throughout the journey with certified doctors and flexible services. Our fleets are known for their serving the best in this field. We ensure a safe journey with the support of our dedicated team.

International Fleets

Our fleet services are also international, and that helps you a lot when you have to travel outside the country for some medical treatment. Our international fleet services are highly safe both in terms of accidents and medical standards. The best doctors are always with you to handle emergencies.

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